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25% English
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The official French curriculum, enhanced with daily tuition in English in a top bilingual school in France

Our curriculum with State contract, which emerged in 1954 and which provides 25 % tuition in English, today welcomes more than 2,000 students from preschool to high school, within 4 schools located in the west of Paris (2 primary schools, 1 collège and 1 lycée). What is special about EIB’s State agreement schools? Students follow the school programme of the French Ministry of Education with daily English tuition from Petite Section.

EIB has always been convinced that the success of future generations depends on the mastery of languages and was the first bilingual school in France to offer curriculum with State agreement enhanced with an exclusive programme of early English learning.

For 30 minutes a day, our students start to learn English from first year of preschool (petite section) with native English-speaking teachers – 4 years before the official programme of the French Ministry of Education. From second year of preschool (moyenne section) to the last year of lycée (terminale), students are divided into skill groups, as defined by the requirements of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

We also welcome non-English-speaking students from CP to CM2 who wish to join the French school system with our small-size Immersion Classes

The teaching aim of this curricula: ensure each student can speak and write in English and French with perfect fluency by the end of their education at EIB.

The opportunity to pursue higher education anywhere in the world

As a French bilingual school with State agreement, we prepare students for secondary education examsBrevet and General Baccalaureate – with one of the best success rate in France. High school students have the opportunity to prepare the European Mention and the International Baccalaureate Option (OIB) which enables them to obtain British A-Level equivalents in certain subjects.
Our students also have the opportunity to take the following international exams and language certifications: Cambridge Young Learners Test (in Primary), TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, Cervantes and Goethe certifications.

This very wide range of academic options gives every EIB student the opportunity to choose the best relevant higher education system at the end of secondary education and join the best international universities, preparatory classes for grandes écoles (CPGE) or prestigious French higher education institutions.

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