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An English-speaking international school in Paris with a 100 % success rate at the IB

Our 75 % English curriculum was created in 1983 and is provided in an international school located in Paris, in the 15th district, that welcomes over 600 students from 70 various nationalities from Preschool to High School (age 3 to 18). What is special about our school? Students from all types of academic system who have not yet mastered English or French can join the School any time of the school year and succeed (100 % success rate at the IB).

An English-speaking school with daily French classes from the age of 3

Our curriculum stands out from the other English-speaking schools in Paris for 2 reasons:

1/ It is coupled with EIB Paris French Bilingual School and offers students and parents the opportunity to join a community of more than 2,500 local families who are staying in Paris for a long period

2/ Learning French is compulsory and daily French lessons are offered from Nursery (first year of Preschool). In addition, sports, art and music are taught in French from Primary School, which means that 25 % of school time is provided in French.

A tailored, academic, international unique offer in Paris

Well-known for its academic excellence (100 % success at the International Baccalaureate (IB), EIB has designed an exclusive teaching curriculum that includes the best British, American and international academic systems within its first English Speaking School.
Accredited by the University of Cambridge, Edexcel, College Board and IBO, this English-speaking curriculum prepares students to take the Cambridge International IGCSE up to Grade 10, International Baccalaureate (IB), A-Level and High School Diploma in Grades 11 and 12.

If they wish, students can prepare the Advanced Placement exams, PSAT and SAT tests in addition to these worldwide recognised certifications. Thanks to this very comprehensive offer, our students have the opportunity to join the best international universities and pursue higher education in the university systems of their choice (USA, UK, Asia, Europe, etc).

Not sure about the International Class Equivalency between France, UK and the US? Help is at hand:

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