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Collège bilingue privé sous contrat

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One of the best private collèges in Paris, at the heart of the 17th district

Alongside Monceau Primary School, EIB Monceau Collège welcomes 400 students from the age of 11 to 15 and provides unique learning conditions on 2 locations: our historic premises in rue Margueritte, close to Parc Monceau in Paris, and our “Campus” of La Jonchère located at the heart of a 6 acre park in La Celle-St Cloud (78). As a school with State contract, the collège follows the French curriculum which is however enhanced and strengthened by an exclusive language programme particularly focused on English (Spanish, German, Chinese and Italian are also available). EIB Monceau Collège boasts a 100% success rate at the national exam Brevet des Collèges with 100% honours.


Promoting excellence thanks to teaching methods based on skill groups

EIB Monceau Collège is a benchmark in bilingual education in Paris and is renowned for its language teaching methods based on skill groups. From 6ème (1st year of collège), our students have the opportunity to learn, in addition to English, a second modern language, and a third from 3ème (3rd year of collège). History and geography may be also taught in English. Finally, in order to best meet our students’ requirements and their potential, maths is also taught in small groups based on level from 4ème (3rd year of college). In languages as well as in maths, our students may therefore move through various groups following their needs and as their abilities develop.

A high standard curriculum, designed to prepare our students to succeed in lycée

In compliance with the French Ministry of Education programmes, our private collège in the 17th district of Paris offers students the best relevant curriculum to ensure their success and to best prepare them for lycée (high school). For example, our students benefit from special speaking courses focused on eloquence, in order to prepare them from 6ème to the various speaking tests they will have to take in lycée for the Baccalaureate exams. In addition, to make sure they are given the best chance to reach higher education, and because languages are at the heart of our teaching project, students have the opportunity to take various language certifications from 3ème: Dante, Cervantès, HSK, Goethe and Cambridge. Finally, students benefit from speaking and writing practice tests every 6 weeks, from 6ème to 3ème, to develop their ability to work independently and be prepared for the school requirements of our lycée.

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ADDRESS : 16, rue Margueritte - 75017 Paris

OPENING HOURS : Monday-Friday, 8.30 am to 6 pm.

PHONE NUMBER : 01 46 22 40 20

         Collège Monceau :
M° Ternes - Ligne 2
M° Wagram - Ligne 3
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