Looking back the third term at EIB de La Jonchère

Dear parents,

After 7 weeks of school, the third term has come to an end at EIB de La Jonchère

We look back with pleasure on the events and learnings that have punctuated this period, class by class.

During International Week from 4th to 8th February, all the primary school children loved discovering different countries and cultures. 


The children deepened their knowledge in oral language, written language, and the discovery of the world.

They discovered Japanese and Chinese culture through many educational and sensory workshops. 

The next period will be on the theme of Australia. We cannot wait to introduce them to this wonderful continent.

Year 1

The children continue to work on phonics as well as syllables. The children are progressing well and they can now match script letters to capital letters. We are now introducing French cursive letters and will be spending more time on this in the fourth term.

In maths, they continue counting and numeracy from 1 to 10 and above. On the 15th February, to celebrate 100 days at school, they counted up to 100 altogether with the use of objects they brought from home. 

Their world tour took them to Asia and in particular China. They enjoyed arts and crafts, some great picture books and nursery rhymes.

Year 2

Year 2 has most recently been comparing school in the 1950’s in France to how it is today. The conclusion is that they are happy to be modern day children. Nutrition, exercise, sleep and hygiene have been the main science topics this term.

Next term the children will start gardening and this will tie in with our study of living things and habitat. They will continue with map making and the observation of their environment. Phonics is ongoing.

Year 3
(Grade 2)

Throughout this period, the children thoroughly enjoyed discovering more about Asia through stories and fun arts & crafts. They made up numerous Chinese lanterns, mandalas, panda drawings and Chinese figurines with hats. They also enjoyed stories of dragons and the Chinese New Year. They learnt about the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac. Each child had the joy of presenting their family tree with their different Chinese animals based on birth years.

During the International Week, they also had the opportunity to discover interesting facts all about Austria and Italy thanks to Mrs Bocchia and Mrs Zanos. They finished off this wonderful week by tasting some traditional pastries from the UK, Serbia, Romania and Estonia! Thank you for all the parents’ contributions. In French, the children performed scenes from Little Red Riding Hood.

In Science, having learnt all about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores, they then went on to discover more about the animal groups – mammals, fish, insects, reptiles, birds and amphibians. More recently they have been learning about animals hibernating and migrating.

Year 4
(Grade 3)

In French, the children learned the feminine and plural of nouns; finalised the study of the present to gradually move into the future. They continued to expand their vocabulary on a daily basis.

In mathematics, they extended the study of numbers to 9,999 and learned the different methods of subtraction, then began to learn the multiplication tables.

They also learned the accuracy of geometry plots by studying measurements, segments and their centre and right angles.

Year 5 (Grade 4)

The children have been learning about Asia, and learned about celebrating Chinese New Year. In February they also went to the Michael Jackson exhibit at the Grand Palais, and learned about art and music and culture. In History, they learned about the Middle Ages and loved building castles. And let’s not forget their adventures in the snow!

In French, the children studied the books “La petite fille au kimono rouge” and “Kamo l’agence Babel“, built kites, tangrams and celebrated the 100th day of school.