Lycée EIB Etoile among the Best High Schools in France in 2020

Dear families, 

Our EIB Etoile school has made steady and steady progress in recent years in all national daily and weekly newspaper rankings and is now ranked among the best High Schools in France (20th in the Figaro ranking).

This fundamental trend is the result of the work done in recent years by all of our teams, from our primary schools, EIB Lamartine and Monceau, through EUB Monceau Middle School to EIB Etoile High School. This progress has been made possible thanks to the patience, professionalism and passion of our teachers with our students, the commitment of all our teams (administrative, maintenance, canteen, supervision…) who contribute to the well-being of our students and the vital role of our principals.

Today, we must continue our work with humility because our duty is to accompany our students, to pass on knowledge and know-how, to develop their critical spirit and to open them up to others to give them the keys to understanding the global world.

This is our mission, this is our commitment to the students and their parents and we will continue to implement our two educational principles of benevolence and high standards which are the keys to the success of our students.

Yours sincerely,

Jean-Xavier MOREAU

General Manager



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