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A unique educational project, offering each student a bilingual academic structure

Choosing a school, especially if you are planning to live abroad, is probably the most important decision for a parent to make.

With its 3 distinct academic curricula, the first with 25% English (our curriculum under agreement with French state), the second with 50% English and the third with 75% English (our Anglophone curriculum provided in our international school The Victor Hugo School), EIB has, over 60 years, created a unique educational project in France, which provides each student- from all origins and stages of education – with a French-English bilingual academic structure, approved by the French, British, American and international educational authorities.

Joining a community of 3000 French, international and expatriate families

Joining EIB implies becoming part of a community of nearly 3 000 French, international and expatriate families who come from 70 different countries and share the desire to provide a multicultural and multilingual environment of excellence (100% success at the IB, French Brevet des Collèges and French Baccalaureate) to their children at an early age.

This international dimension is due to the number of different nationalities within our schools (40 to 70 depending on the school), and more particularly thanks to the very wide range of international prestigious travels and programmes offered to our students, including the Model United Nations (MUN) of Cambridge and Harvard or the MIT Robotics in which our high school students take part every year, or musical and sports events of Globeducate Group, the first private school network in Europe with more than 30 schools in Spain, United Kingdom, Italy and France.

In addition, our parents’ associations are highly committed to their school, to ensure our families – and more particularly expatriate families – best integrate in the school. Please do not hesitate to contact them and follow them on social networks.

Welcome to EIB! We hope that you will join our community very soon!

International opportunities

The Globeducate Academic Olympics

Students take part in various academic activities as a team. Teams are mixed to encourage the teamwork of pupils from different schools, using English as a common language.

The Globeducate Olympic Games

Our students have access to many international opportunities, one of which is the Globeducate Olympic Games. Students compete in a variety of sporting events hosted by one of the Globeducate schools. 

The Globeducate International Music Festival

The Globeducate Intenational Music Festival is a collaboration between schools designed to showcase the talents of each school and its students. The festival has taken place from Tuesday 29 January to Saturday 2 February 2019 at Ágora Lledó School in Spain. More than 250 students from international schools in Spain, France, England, Italy and Andorra gathered on the theme “Broadway Hall of Fame”. This year, 13 students of the EIB Victor Hugo School participated to the concert. 

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