The EIB de La Jonchère is expanding!

Year 8 (or Grade 7) and Year 9 (or Grade 8) classes will be opened in September 2020 at The EIB La Jonchère School!


The EIB de La Jonchère is expanding from September 2020

From September 2020, the EIB de La Jonchère will welcome children from Petite Section in Preschool to 4ème in small classes. The courses are taught 50% in French and 50% in English by native speakers in each language. 

Located in Celle-Saint-Cloud in the Yvelines, this school offers an exceptional setting to its students in order to encourage their daily learning: 3 sports grounds and interactive whiteboards in each classroom, all within the beautiful 2.5 hectare Parc de La Jonchère. 

An equal distribution of subjects taught in French and in English

In close accordance with the educational project of EIB, the collège is in line with La Jonchère primary school, with an equal distribution of subjects taught in French (French, mathematics and PE) by our French-speaking teachers and subjects taught in English (English, history and geography, science and technology, art) by our English-speaking teachers.

Bilingualism and English/French-speaking double culture are at the heart of our educational project in order to open students to the world.

We follow the programme of the Ministry of National Education with higher requirements and enhanced content in certain subjects. For example, as part of history and geography, our students will of course learn French history, but they will also learn it according to the British view. Science will be taught following combined learning of science and technology (EIST) in order to convey the meaning and approach of the scientific method to children.

This Collège de La Jonchère will naturally expand and offer our students the skills to successfully pass French and international exams and prepare them to pursue higher education in the best universities in the world following our two educational principles, based on a caring approach and high standards.

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The EIB de La Jonchère School welcomes children from "petite section" of
preschool to "6ème".
"5ème" and "4ème" classes will be launched from September 2020.