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An international school from K to Grade 12 at the heart of the 15th district in Paris

As the international school of EIB, the Victor Hugo School is located at the heart of the 15th district in Paris, close to many public transport connections. With a small-class policy (a maximum of 20 children, 10 in nursery and 15 in pre-K), it comprises over 600 students with 70 different nationalities coming from various school systems, from nursery school to Grade 12. The Victor Hugo School is different from the other international schools in Paris because of its tailored English-speaking academic curriculum, enhanced by compulsory French lessons from the age of 3. In addition, a door-to-door shuttle service, with a dedicated private chauffeur, is offered to families.


Our expertise allows children who have not yet mastered English or French to join the school at any time during the year

With a majority of children from expatriate families, EIB – The Victor Hugo School does it utmost to make sure its students best integrate in the school while providing strong learning continuity following their initial school system. From Grade 1, each school year begins with an induction trip to a French region (different each year and adapted to every age). Our students have the opportunity to discover French culture and traditions, but also to build close bonds of friendship with their classmates. We also make sure to maintain a restricted number of students in each Grade, particularly in preschool and primary, so that our teachers are able to provide a tailored teaching approach to meet the needs of each student. To promote integration of our new students, we also offer on a case-by-case basis intensive English lessons and learning support. In addition to English and French, students whose native language is Japanese or Korean can also benefit from Japanese and Korean classes. As an inclusive school, we are proud to welcome students with all academic levels and bring all of them to success, particularly in high school, where our students all pass the IB every year.

Art and sports classes in French with a special option: violin

Because we are convinced that our students’ experience in Paris should also be the opportunity for them to learn the French language, children who join our international school have 2 music lessons (singing and/or violin), 2 art classes and 1 afternoon of sports activities in French every week in addition to their daily French lessons from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

This special feature makes EIB – The Victor Hugo School different from the other international schools in Paris and contributes to a very specific educational goal: to promote the learning of French for our students through playful lively immersive activities.

Thanks to the innovative educational approach, our teaching team has created a new method for toddlers to learn how to play the violin, which is inspired by the Suzuki active method. From the age of 5 (KG), 10 to 18 students have group lessons of violin, according to their age/grade (instruments are provided by the school). Through the use of nursery rhymes for the youngest, and a playful approach to the instrument, they together learn the technical basics. This group approach makes the learning process very attractive for the child who develops musical skills while playing with his/her schoolmates. Students in Grades 3/4/5 perform twice a year in front of their parents and thus enjoy their first experience “on stage”. Considered a difficult instrument to play, the violin has very often been praised by researchers in neurosciences for its benefits for the development of attention and learning skills in children.

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ADDRESS : 23 rue de Cronstadt 75015 Paris

OPENING HOURS : Monday-Friday, 8.30 am to 6 pm.

PHONE NUMBER : 01 56 56 60 70

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