Unanimous approval of the virtual classes organised during the lockdown

When it was decided to close schools on 12 March, students and their parents were becoming more and more concerned. Will the children continue to progress? How will they maintain effective communication with their teachers and classmates? How parents who also have to work will deal with this situation? At EIB, they were quickly reassured that everything had already been implemented to ensure learning continuity with the best conditions.

Teachers were prepared and equipped in advance

Teachers and staff were immediately able to inform students of the arrangements made from the moment the schools were closed. As part of the international Globeducate group, EIB was able to benefit from the experience of other schools in the network, particularly in Italy and Spain.

From early March, the teaching teams began to prepare themselves for the event of a shutdown with the help of our Chief Digital Officer who was asked to equip and train them. The Chief Digital Officer provided every team with equipment and training in digital tools, in particular via the Zoom videoconferencing platform. Teachers had previously prepared online course materials and teaching methods. Everything was operational from the first day of the lockdown, as shown by the following message sent by parents: “We are impressed you have managed to reorganize each class without losing a single day: congratulations!”

A smart solution: videoconferencing classes based on regular timetables

EIB has organized classes following a scheduling to keep them as close as possible to the students’ routine. Thanks to EIB’s small-size class policy, classes did not require to be split in two. Through the Zoom platform, students have experienced a nearly normal classroom routine online that has been very much appreciated:

“Our two daughters are so happy to be connected every day with their second family! »

“Just a quick note to congratulate you for having so quickly set up a learning continuity via the Zoom platform. It’s really amazing and the students love it! »

In primary school, children were guided by their teacher and were able to interact with their classmates every day during these virtual classroom sessions. The platform offers various learning tools such as screen sharing, online video links to be viewed together, or the shared virtual whiteboard. Students can ask their questions in person or via the chat system.

The same format was adopted in middle schools and high schools and teachers were rotating in each class, according to the initial weekly timetable. Some adjustments had to be made during the first few days, but overall, everyone got used to this new routine.

Despite the lockdown, the learning programmes remained on time in a warm atmosphere.

Learning programmes remained on schedule: class routine was maintained, homework and assessments took place at the same frequency as with classes on site. If very few students lacked attendance or attention during classes, the issue would be solved very quickly thanks to a caring atmosphere that enabled to communicate with families. This approach was crucial during this stressful period.

“The teaching team has been providing outstanding follow-up, which, beyond teaching, allows our children to interact with each other, study and reduce this stressful atmosphere,” explains one parent.

Thanks to these virtual classes and close follow-up of their children, parents were able to deal with this period more peacefully. The fact that children are being supported with distance learning for a large part of the day by a well-trained and well-equipped teaching team is “a great opportunity for the children … and for the parents!” – stated one of the countless messages of thanks received.

As a result, EIB’s system of learning continuity has enabled to reassure everyone thanks to successful learning standards and progress in each class, despite such the challenging Covid-19 health crisis.