Why did you chose EIB de La Jonchère for your son? 
First of all, we were looking for an international school, so our son would feel welcome and make friends with children from various countries. EIB de la Jonchere, which offers a well-organized curriculum in both French and English, fully in line with the French official curriculum, was clearly the best choice for us!

What do you like the most here? 
When we visited the school for the first time, my son and I were both fascinated by the beautiful campus nested in a green forest. I put a high value on nature-friendly places where children can run and play freely. In terms of this view, EIB de La Jonchère is the best place to me, and my son also liked this school as well. Additionally, inside, facilities are very clean and cozy for children because they have recently been renovated.

How would you describe the school, in a nutshell? 
Multi-national, eco-friendly with kind teachers.

Any fun fact/story about your son since he joined the school? 
One of my favorite evening rituals now is hearing all Euijin’s stories from his everyday life at La Jonchère when he’s back home. Above all, he enjoys competing with friends in running. So he asked his father and me to buy him special shoes to run fast. But he finally dropped running for soccer… and now asks us to practice soccer with him every day! 🙂 We are very happy that thanks to La Jonchère, he became more active and healthier than before joining the school.

Any tips for new families settling down here in Les Yvelines? 
If you want your child to grow up in a multi-cultural and bilingual environment, no doubt EIB de La Jonchere is the best! The school is a cozy nest for your child to cultivate the love of nature and his/her abilities to get along with friends from different cultures.