NACE Arts Competition in 2018

The NACE Arts Competition is an annual event open to all of the NACE schools worldwide. There are four age age-appropriate competitions based on a common theme. The theme for this year’s competition was “Space”

Each age group has two different genres that change annually. Genres include Painting, Crafts, English Poetry, English Narrative, Photography and Video. 

Once again we are very proud of all of the EIB students for their efforts.

This year's prize winners and special mentions.

Lower Primary, ages 5-7, painting

Special Mention

Valerie, EIB Lamartine


Upper Primary, ages 8-10, poetry

Special Mention

Theo Cary, EIB Monceau


Upper Primary, ages 8-10, poetry

2nd Prize

Nathanaêl and Lilou, EIB de la Jonchere


Middle School, ages 11-14, painting

Special mention 

Mila Trabelsi, EIB Monceau Collège


Upper/ High School, ages 15-18, creative writing

1st Prize 

Jade Abbad, EIB Etoile

Described by the judges as “a powerful description of a life-changing meeting!


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